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Uganda Tours

A trip to Uganda is not easily forgotten – nature and history combine to offer every visitor something to remember the country by. Notwithstanding the political unrest that plagued Uganda for many decades, this majestic nation’s stunning natural beauty has remained largely unspoilt. The savannahs of East Africa meet the jungles of west Africa in the lush country of Uganda.

Places to Visit

Uganda is  the ‘Pearl of Africa’ – the best features of the continent are packed into its borders. Uganda boasts of lots of amazing places to visit;

  • the Rwenzori National Park home to the Mountains of the Moon, Africa’s tallest mountain range.
  • The mighty River Nile that originates from Jinja and offers some of the world’s best white-water rafting opportunities around Jinja.

Things to See

Uganda is also home to the largest concentration of primates in the world, including one of the earth’s rarest animals – the mountain gorilla. To spot one of these majestic animals, visit the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

To top it all is the picture perfect scenery. The landscape of Uganda is a picture of contrasts – the rough and craggy mountains stand tall against the gentle meadows and wide savannah grasslands, and the dry uplands are very different from the wetlands located on the lakeshores. This difference in landscape is reflected in the Ugandan people as well.

Where to Stay

Uganda hotels and accommodation come in all shapes and sizes including resorts, lodges, hotels, apartments and safari camps. Visitors to Uganda will be delighted by the many treasures just waiting to be discovered and adventures to be had in every corner of Uganda. To ensure you get the right Uganda hotels in each city and town to best complement your needs, take a look at our interactive Uganda map and Uganda accommodation guide. You will also find some of the many fabulous Uganda attractions listed on the map.

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